Health is Wealth – A Conceptual Critique


We are making two points in this article. First, health itself is the greatest wealth. Second, if one is healthy only then he/she can work productively for income generation activities. In addition, we will mention a few proven practices by which we can maintain our health.

People have different preferences towards available life options. Same is true for the statement “health is wealth”. What exactly is it? A simple preference that signifies health is superior to wealth? Or a comprehensive statement that indicates health and wealth are linked with each other, systematically and dynamically? Health is a comprehensive concept, it includes physical strength, mental power and spiritual wellness of a person. On the other hand, wealth is the richness of a person i.e. abundance of money and worldly items. “Health is Wealth” is a simple statement but its meaning is so fabulous when deeply thought. People nowadays refer the statement as when a person is healthy, he is capable of making wealth. On the contrary, if one is not healthy he/she cannot work productively, and hence, won’t be able to generate income for independent living. This explanation is true but the deep meaning of this claim can be understood by the words of Virgil:

“The greatest wealth is health.”

Mr. Virgil is trying to enlighten the concept that the greatest wealth is health, not money or worldly items. There is nothing more valuable in our life than having a good health. Patrick Meagher said:

“Some people are so poor, all they have is money.”

Nowadays people are influenced by wealth improperly that they don’t even care about their health, the greatest wealth. They don’t understand that without health there is no real happiness and enviable success. A person with poor health is unable to enjoy the pleasures of life. I think such people are foolish enough because they do not care about their health. Our first priority should be to maintain our health in the best way. There are multiple methods and practices by which a person can stay healthy;

  • Spending time in natural environment i.e. visiting parks and gardens.cce-made-in-auckland-natural-environment
  • Physical exercise is also essential e.g. morning walks, playing sports, etc., it keeps a person smart and healthy.jogging
  • Water is the cure for all types of illness, so drink water to stay healthy and fit.water
  • Eating balanced diet keeps people away from different illness and diseases.???????????????????????????????
  • It is said that:

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

  • Abandon unhealthy practices and habits e.g. smoking, drinking and taking drugs because it harms internal parts of our body.No-Smoking-No-Drinking-No-Drugs
  • Always be optimistic and cheerful because:

“Laughter/smile is the best medicine.”

On the contrary, an unhappy person is more prone to fatigue and other illness. Remember, living a healthy life can be the greatest gift you can give yourself because one cannot enjoy life if he/she is unhealthy. In addition, we must not harm our health by running madly behind wealth. I would like to conclude my essay on the nice words of Mae West:

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”


About Muhammad Ashhar

A high school student with an interest in business and entrepreneurship, a writer, football enthusiast and movies/tv-shows fan!

25 thoughts on “Health is Wealth – A Conceptual Critique

  1. This reminds me of Bob Marley interview when he was asked by the journalist ‘are you rich?’ and he replied ‘what do you mean by rich’, and the journalists started talking about money in the bank. Marley out him straight and said something along the lines of ‘I am rich in other capacities’. Richness comes in many forms, health, love, living life to your definition of the fullest, I totally dig your post, well done

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  2. Nice words. Being a physician; I know this better than most. When you get sick, old or have serious health related issues occur in between birth and death…..the game tends to get lost the shadows of your lost dreams.

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  3. Very good post! My blog is @healthwelthlife101 and I talk about this topic from time to time. I have been around so many wealthy people who are so out of shape that all they can do is spend their money on line. Bad health for most is a life long adventure that for some is just too hard to change. Deep in their thoughts they wish they could be in better health, but don’t put the effort to make it happen. For me I spent many years out of shape and then when I turned fifty seven I had a moment, where I said if I want to see my grandchildren grow up, I need to change. No diet or fast remedy, just started eating less. Over two years I have lost 110 pounds and feel like I’m thirty. All my blood levels are normal, no diabetes, no high blood pressure, and normal cholesterol. I am not wealthy, but I am on top of my game. I also am an extremely positive thinking person and that has made most of this happen. I really like your blog and look forward to your writing. Have a Wonderful Day!! Jim

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  4. Thank you! And yea…I have seen your blog. I think you are absolutely right that it is not useful to spend money when the shape of the person is not good because one cannot enjoy the pleasures. Once the shape is in a bad condition, life can be pretty hard and difficult. I see your love towards your grandchildren that you determined to change the whole shape of your body just to see them and you have been successful in it. You may also have a great day!


  5. I follow over 100 ill, or dying children on FB. The reason I am telling you this -you’ve missed something very important in this blog post. Yes, you are talking to the vast majority, but it leaves the impression that people without health can not have wealth and happiness.

    I have been living with Lupus, plus other auto immune diseases for over 15 years now. Yes, I have days that death begins to be something you dream about. How bad will it get? Will it become more than I can bear?

    I watch and listen to the lives of these children, and like me, they have bad days. Still, most days, the greater majority, are wonderful. When you are faced with death, daily, life becomes more precious (with the exception of the worst moments) These children, like me, live! They love! They dream! Their dreams are small, like just being held until long after they fall asleep, but they are dreams they cherish, moments they live for.

    They, in my opinion, have more wealth in their short lives, then most can even imagine. I believe if you ask most adults that are dying -they would tell you the same thing. Life is precious, even more so, when death is near.

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  6. Reblogged this on sherriemiranda1 and commented:

    What good is money if you don’t have your health?! Eat right, drink moderately (alcohol), drink lots of water. Take supplements for the nutrients you are lacking. Exercise. Laugh! Spend time with friends & family, time alone & enjoy babies and animals!
    And remember to tell your loved ones that YOU DO LOVE THEM! 😉 ❤
    Peace, love & Health for all,

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  7. Health is the biggest thing I value in this life. It might seem selfhish but it’s necessary to enjoy anything else aswell. Without it we would simply not have enough resources to do anything else.

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