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Greed is an extreme crave of human desire. I think it is a curse because it is harmful; physically, mentally and spiritually. Moreover, it is caused due to two reasons; first, the undue eagerness of achieving one’s wishes. Second, feeling of hatred and bitterness against someone because of their possessions. However, patience is the key to diminish greed. Adopt and practice patience to live a happy life with a wise mindset.

Greed – Nature and Definition

Everyone has varied material possessions, but the majority feel a sense of dissatisfaction towards them and wish to get more and more worldly items. The wish to get more of anything is called a desire. Everybody has his/her own set of desires and he/she is very eager to realize them. Generally, the unnecessary desire for something is called greed. Greed is an extreme appetite of desires and that desire is acute craving for more wealth and/or power. Furthermore, a greedy person realizes those desires by behaving impatiently and unjustly. These people may learn from Abu Bakr’s nice words:

“It is difficult to be patient but to waste the rewards for patience is worse.”

Abu Bakr is explaining that even if patience is difficult and hard, its sufferings can never be compared with the joys of rewards attained after patience i.e. they are wonderful. Thus, both of these methodologies; difficulty during patience and rewards after patience, are entirely opposite to each other but are linked dynamically.

Causes of Greed and Overcoming It

An individual is a combination of three basic entities; body, mind, and soul. Greed disturbs all these entities. First, when a person fulfills his physical demands, disproportionately, it disturbs the physical balance. Second, when a person realizes his body desires, immodestly, it disturbs wisdom of mind. Third, when a person realizes his body demands, impatiently, it disturbs spiritual serenity. Implementing patience maintains physical health, reduces mental greed and improves spiritual wellness.

Jealousy also directs a person towards greedy behavior. It is basically feeling of hatred and bitterness against someone because of that person’s possession or power. Jealousy is an inappropriate and wrong approach. Ali said:

“Jealousy is the worst disease.”

Jealousy is indeed the most horrible and awful disease because it destroys friendships and kinship. It makes the person miserable and affect his/her health. That person will feel lonely and depress, ultimately. For that reason, one should never follow its path. Guard yourself against jealousy to stay safe from greed.

Greed Is a Curse

When people act greedily to realize their unnecessary desires, they wrongly assume that they are attaining. Instead, they are on the way of devastation; physically, mentally and spiritually. This is why, greed is referred as a curse. This can be understood more profoundly by the words of Rusty Eric:

“As long as greed is stronger than compassion, there will always be suffering.”

This is a misunderstanding that greed is a way of gaining, rather, it causes sufferings on us because greed destroys compassionate feelings among friends and kin. In addition, it makes the greedy person depress and lonely because people avoid him/her.

Self-interest, which is the lowest level of greed, had some rational justifications among economic intellectuals, but Game Theory (or Prisoner’s Dilemma) proved that the results of self-interest are generally not good.

Overcoming Greedy Behavior

Greed can never be satisfied, but it can be controlled. Greed is dominantly a mental phenomenon, so that, when one acts greedily, his/her peace of mind is disturbed. L.M. Aldrich also pointed out:

“Greed causes brain damage.”

For that reason, greed should never get a hold of a person’s mind. The best way to control undue desires is developing patience in the mental framework. As a deduction, controlling mind is controlling our greed level. Ali also motivated us that:

“If you cannot get things as much as you desire then be contented with what you have.”

Ali is trying to convince people to be thankful and happy of what they have and to quit being miserable and sad of what they don’t.

Concluding Remarks

I have a few suggestions towards greed: overcome your unnecessary desires, adopt patience and stay away from jealousy. These practices will help you to live a happy life with a peaceful mind. I would like to conclude my article on the nice words of Mr. Vikrant:

“He who wants everything every time will lose everything any time.”


About Muhammad Ashhar

A high school student with an interest in business and entrepreneurship, a writer, football enthusiast and movies/tv-shows fan!

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