Time Management

Please “comment” of the aforesaid title.


  • What is time management?
  • Benefits of time management.
  • How to manage time effectively?
  • What are some time management tools?
  • Sayings/quotations related to time.
  • Any fact about time or time management.
  • Pure opinions/thoughts on time management.

About Muhammad Ashhar

A high school student with an interest in business and entrepreneurship, a writer, football enthusiast and movies/tv-shows fan!

14 thoughts on “Time Management

  1. Life is time. The question needs to be rephrased – what do you do in your day? how do you start your day – and what do you intend to achieve in a day? One has to cjeck oneself and subtract all that which takes us away from our goal. Live your life to the fullest by making most of your time today. (still working on it) My next post is on something simillar. (precious 5 – still wirking on pics)

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  2. Thats true, indeed, a person should start his day by making small but various goals, what TO do and what NOT TO do in that certain day. Ultimately, when the person accomplishes every goal of his every day, he/she will acheive life ambition. In other words, the person will succeed in his/her life. And yes, I will be looking forward on that post of yours.


  3. I am now an early retiree. When I was working, time management was crucial, now not as much. But I would like to fill up my days with worthwhile things and need to manage a bit. I still use time management when traveling and throwing parties, etc.

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  4. This is great; not giving up managing time. You can also advice others (mostly youngsters) to manage their time, effectively. So they can also be successful. Anyhow, thanks for leaving a comment!


  5. Hi Muhammed,
    I’m looking for people to comment on my blog (I think my texts need shortening e.g.) and thought I would put in my 2 cents before asking them back from the internet community …. 😉

    FYI: There is a Theme in WordPress that allows you to acutally make polls. I believe it is Twenty Ten.

    – What is time management?
    To me it is allotting the right amount of time to a task to finally reach a goal. And managing this so monitoring and adjusting along the way.

    -Benefits of time management.
    Loads, if I would be able to manage it.

    – How to manage time effectively?
    They say to start with using 2 agenda’s. 1 To write down what you want to do when and one to monitor wether or not you are actually doing that.

    – What are some time management tools?
    I do not know but I would use Excel to make my own lists.

    – Sayings/quotations related to time.
    My favorite is created by myself actually: How many reasons do you need to exactly not do what you want (need) to do?

    – Any fact about time or time management.
    It is a good tool but only when the goals are clear.

    – Pure opinions/thoughts on time management.
    I think anyone might find difficulty selling the subject of time management nowadays because it smells like the eighties which is when it was broadcasted on a global level. In other words: it was a management ‘trend’. After that we came to the ‘managing towards goals or by objectives’ which was WAY WAY WAY more important. Not sure what was next.

    Hope you enjoyed reading my reply! Good luck with your research.

    Regards, Martine

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  6. Thank you, Martine for such great comments, I really enjoyed reading this and it will be very helpful. I’ll visit your blog and comment there, to the earliest.
    You gave great opinions on time management. Thanks, again, for the contribution.
    Good Luck & Happy Blogging!

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  7. Hi Muhammad,
    🙂 You are very welcome to comment to my blog, I will read them and delete though because OBVIOUSLY ;-), I should keep up appearances and be faultless ;-).
    Sorry for misspelling your name, I know a Muhammed, I never realised there should have been an a at the end.
    My blog is on fashion and the technical side of it, please let me know if you as a person outside of the branch take offense in the drawings I have put up. I have no clue as to how other people see this.
    Happy blogging to you too! 🙂
    Regards, Martine

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  8. No problem for me, because it is your work and you are the one to decide wether to add those pictures to you post or not.
    I will read you post as soon as possible and will try my best to leave an effective comment. Right now I am a bit busy, I will try to come back to the earliest.

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