Bribery – A Social Cancer


“Taking bribe is like eating the flesh of swine!”~ Prophet Muhammad

Islamic system is based on Social Justice. It plays an important role in shaping a stable and firm community. If there is no justice in any nation, it can neither make progress nor it can exist for long. Moreover, Justice is an attribute of God. Thus, being just is a divine quality. God loves those who are just.

One of the social illness due to which justice is ignored and demolished is bribery. When one wants any unauthorized or illicit gain, the individual offers gifts or money to the power holder to get that work done, we call it bribe. “Rashi” is the person who offers bribe while “Murtashi” is the one who receives or accepts it. Islam holds both – giver and receiver – equally guilty. They will be sent to Hell in the Hereafter.

In conclusion, avoid this curse to save yourself from Hell. When bribery becomes common, it pollutes the soul of the society. Moral values are destroyed and there is social and moral anarchy and disorder. Justice becomes non-existent and life of the poor is crippled.

“The giver and taker of bribe will both go to Hell.” ~ Prophet Muhammad


About Muhammad Ashhar

A high school student with an interest in business and entrepreneurship, a writer, football enthusiast and movies/tv-shows fan!

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