Save Environment – Save Future

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23 thoughts on “Save Environment – Save Future

  1. The two are intrinsically linked. To me this phrase is more a truism than anything else. We haven’t the technology to survive without our natural environment intact. We haven’t the means to outlast ecological disasters that come of our destructive practices. We have only the ability to cease destroying our wild places, and it only through doing so that we, as a species, have any hope for a future.

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  2. Hi we can add more “re’s” to this list, commonly referred to add the waste management hierarchy, refuse, repair, repurpose. Recycle should be the last thing we do and consign to landfill/incineration avoided at all cost. To call it ‘waste’ is actually to devalue it’s worth. Perhaps it is better called the ‘material’ management hierarchy?

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  3. I totally agree with you! Wild places play a vital role in running the ecological system. By destroying them, we damage the environment and as a result spoil the future. Therefore, we must save Wild Places for the conservation of the society. Thanks for leaving your thoughts here!

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  4. Saving the environment acts are still uncommon here compared to destroying the environment. Whenever we recycle, reuse, save energy resources there are hundreds of people wasting it.

    I hope our beautiful resources are sustainable as the dystopian future often depicted in movies creeps me out 😦

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  5. I agree with you. Eradicating anthropogenic contamination is a challenging task.Also, if 50% of people are trying to save the future than the other 50% is trying to deplete it. But we must play our role because it is our little bits of efforts that can overwhelm the world. Thanks for the contribution.

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