A Few Practices to Stay Healthy – Discover in TeenInk


“If you work for a living, then why do you kill yourself working?” ~ Unknown

Health is the greatest gift of life. This is usually realized when one is in feeble health. More to the point, during fine health and comfort-zone, death is nothing but unimaginable. Such mentality is wrong, for the development of spiritual level and sustenance of health. Read my article on “Health is Wealth” to discover a few practices to stay healthy:

Health is Wealth



About Muhammad Ashhar

A high school student with an interest in business and entrepreneurship, a writer, football enthusiast and movies/tv-shows fan!

2 thoughts on “A Few Practices to Stay Healthy – Discover in TeenInk

  1. There is an interesting message that is coming about in this article… often times, we don’t realize how lucky we are to have healthy lives and bodies, which is usually why we degrade our bodies. Especially with the practices you outlined, the ways to stay healthy are simple, yet people find them hard to do.

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  2. “Every blessing ignored becomes a curse.” ~ Paulo Coelho
    As something vital and simple is ignored, it becomes hard, by and by. This is a universal rule.
    Thanks for sharing your views with us!


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