Poverty – An Adversity to Humanity

Poverty is a modern world’s issue. It seems somewhat invisible, yet it implies to be disastrous. Human beings have adopted manifold movements to eliminate this curse, but they have not been completely successful. What could be the solution? Charity, maybe? But that’s not it, charity helps the poor on temporary basis, not in a whole of social life. As a result, some more cognitive ideas are expected. Read my article to discover the solution to this calamity. I have proposed Entrepreneurship Development as my article’s focal idea.


Image Credit: Shirley L., Chino Hills, CA

Are Citizens of the World Succeeding in Lessening Global Poverty?



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Are Citizens of the World Succeeding in Lessening Global Poverty?

global poverty


Lessening global poverty is a challenging task but citizens should work incessantly on this issue. Currently, global data indicates that citizens are generally failing in lessening global poverty. It is a curse and needs scientific/humanistic treatments for complete eradication. It is responsibility of every individual/government to work against poverty. My article pinpoints some issues related to poverty and suggests a few conventional and innovative measures against this curse. Focal idea of the article is; promotion of entrepreneurship among poor section of society through effective financing and training which will lessen global poverty.

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