Tim Notke

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” ~ Tim Notke


Personal Economic Independence – Hurdles during Economic Struggle

Hurdles during Economic Struggle:

Human beings are weak. They make mistakes time and time again. Despite this weakness, God has gifted powers, latent and patent, to move forward. Economic agents can wisely use these powers to offset their financial mistakes.

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Roadmap Towards Success: Now Available on TeenInk

My article,¬†Failure Is Forerunner of Success: A Conceptual Critique, also published on EzineArticles, has now been featured on TeenInk’s website! You may find it here:


Failure Is Forerunner of Success: A Conceptual Critique

Mistake is Fate


A mistake happens not by any mistake or coincidence; rather, by fate. Now it is your choice either to regret it or to overcome it.

Failure Is Forerunner of Success – A Conceptual Critique



Two words which haunt and attract all and sundry, day and night, are failure and success, respectively. We proposed that failure is not fate; rather, a perishing scene and success is not a destination; instead, a continuous journey. Moreover, the two wings of a successful flight of human struggle are a positive mindset and wise working approach. By following these effective attitudes, one can achieve the highest level of success i.e. good health, inner satisfaction, recognition, and position.

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